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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of DC Regulated Power Supply. This product also known as DC Power Supply. We are also specialized in Calibration Services. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our DC regulated power supplies are widely used in various industries and Educational Institutes. The output voltage produced by DC power supply ranges from 0 to 1000V and output current ranges from 0 to 100 Amp. Power supply are provided with Digital Panel Meters for voltage and current. They are provided overload and short circuit protections.


Typical Technical Specification
Output Voltage Range 0 to 30 V
Output Current 0 to 5 amp.
Load Regulation +/- 0.05 % ( From No Load to Full Load)
Line Regulation +/- 0.05 %
Ripple +/- 0.05 % rms
Digital Meter ( Separate Meter For DC Voltage & current)
Accuracy For Voltage : 0.5% +/- 2 dgt
  For Current : 0.5% +/- 2 dgt
Protection Overload & Short circuit
Operating Temperature 0 to 50o C
Input Power Requirement 230 V or 110 V +/- 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz
Typical ranges are available
Rating Model Series
24V/1A ZMPS24-1
24V/2A ZMPS24-2
24V/5A ZMPS24-5
24V/10A ZMPS24-10
24V/20A ZMPS24-20
30V/1A ZMPS30-1
30V/2A ZMPS30-2
30V/5A ZMPS30-5
30V/10A ZMPS30-10
30V/20A ZMPS30-20
60V/2A ZMPS60-2
60V/10A ZMPS60-10
60V/20A ZMPS60-20
Rating Model Series
30V/30A ZMPS30-30
30V/50A ZMPS30-50
30V/100A ZMPS30-100
60V/40A ZMPS60-40
100V/2A ZMPS100-2
100V/10A ZMPS100-10
100V/25A ZMPS100-25
150V/2A ZMPS150-2
150V/10A ZMPS150-10
200V/10A ZMPS200-10
200V/100A ZMPS200-100
1000V/5A ZMPS1000-5
10V/1000A ZMPS10-1000

Note : We Can Upgrade Products With Time To Give Improved Quality